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What will the platform do?

Evaluate & Automate Leads

Refer your leads through the Escalators company evaluation, automating matching and rejections through AI based on your investment criteria.

Track & Manage Pipeline

Sort and track your leads and organic matches from the Escalator throughout your process, with all company information in one place.

Benchmark & Analyse

The Analytics Engine allows you to compare and contrast thousands of companies, across hundreds of data fields, like never before.

Detailed & Verified Profiles

Review up to 300 data fields and due-diligence documents on Escalator companies in a structured, downloadable and accessible format.

Search & Track Prospects

Search and track future deal prospects, potential competitors or current investments and receive notifications as the company evolves

Follow-on & Co-invest

Find follow-on investment for existing portfolio companies and co-investment for your prospects, or syndicate other deals with Escalator investors.

Is this for you?

Across Stages

We work with companies at all stages of growth, from ideation to maturity, and Angel to IPO.

Sector Agnostic

Our companies are sector agnostic. The only condition is all companies must create a positive-impact.

Investment Type

Our companies love all types of investment, from traditional equity and debt to DeFi and RBF.

Africa Focussed

All of our companies are Africa focussed. That means they can be registered around the world.

We accept applications from accredited individuals, high-net-worth individuals (‘HNIs’), Angel Investors, Family Offices, development finance institutions (‘DFIs’), private, public and cryptocurrency funds, and any other retail or institutional entities that are actively investing or interested in investing in Africa.