Impact Rooms


Our suite of 3 unique Stakeholder Applications are managed & tracked from your Community Dashboard

Community Dashboard

A centralized hub to unifiy, manage, track and scale your stakeholder community.

Centralize and automate your stakeholder management workflows with Impact Rooms. Seamlessly connect and share information, enabling an efficient and cohesive network management

Unlock the power of data-driven decisions with our cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools. Whether you’re tracking market trends, evaluating stakeholder engagement, or assessing investment opportunities, our platform provides real-time insights and customizable reports. Inform your strategy, monitor progress, and act on valuable intelligence, tailored to your unique ecosystem.

Through automation, tracking, your can scale tasks and processes, removing growth limitations. This enables an environment where innovation flourishes and your operations can achieve uncapped expansion.

Marketplace Accounts


Experience seamless integration of potential opportunities with our automated system, aligning deals directly with your investment criteria for optimal efficiency.

Manage, prioritize, and track your investment opportunities in a central hub, ensuring that you never miss a promising venture and can efficiently navigate through different stages.

Leverage AI-driven insights to rapidly qualify potential deals, enhancing decision-making by assessing alignment with your investment strategies and risk profiles.

Easily oversee and control your entire investment portfolio from a unified platform, providing a comprehensive view and management tools for long-term success.

Generate insightful, customizable reports at the click of a button, keeping you informed about the performance and trends of your investments, and streamlining the communication with stakeholders.


 Utilize our intelligent matching algorithm to connect your companies with the ideal investors, fostering relationships that align with your goals and accelerating growth opportunities.

Provide your companies with a comprehensive understanding of their business landscape and progress with AI-driven insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and strategically position their company in the market.

Companies can access and connect with your network of curated service providers or our Impact Rooms’ partners.¬†

Create essential business documents effortlessly with our AI-powered generation tool, customizing them according to your company’s profile and requirements, saving time and reducing errors.

Engage in a dynamic scoring system that recognizes and rewards achievements, fostering motivation, and providing tangible incentives to drive continuous improvement and success within the platform’s ecosystem.


Your service providers recieve highly targeted and qualified leads through our platform’s intelligent matching system, connecting your services with the businesses that need them most, enhancing conversion rates.

Service providers can leverage comprehensive and up-to-date market insights tailored to your service offerings, enabling them to understand trends, demands, and opportunities, and strategically position their services.

Services can showcase and promote services to a vast network of relevant stakeholders within the ecosystem, utilizing targeted marketing tools to reach the right audience and maximize visibility.

Services can manage and track leads, opportunities, and engagements with ease through a streamlined pipeline management system, ensuring that they never miss an opportunity and maintain an efficient sales process.

Services benefit from automated reporting tools that provide detailed insights into their performance, leads, conversions, and more, allowing them to continuously analyze and optimize their strategies for growth and success.

Centralize Your Workflows

Seamless Integrations

Unite various applications, stakeholders, and processes in one smooth interface, enabling effortless navigation through your innovation ecosystem.

Unified Experience

Harmonize all operations and interactions within a single platform, promoting consistency, simplicity, and efficiency.

Integrated Growth 

Leverage the interconnected design to strategically scale your community, fostering collaboration and driving innovation. Experience the synergy of Impact Rooms.